Lizzy (somethingsporky) wrote,

stolen from Jason

[01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
[02] I will then tell what song(s) remind me of you.
[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
[04] Last, i will try to name a single word that best describes you.
[05] Put this in your journal
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1) I'm just putting some memories- we used to get in trouble a lot in Ms. Meyer's class in 6th grade, oh and ofcourse when ms. holland poked herself in the eye. we were crying about that. hahaha
2) that summer song, it's a cover by the ataris, sari you know i'm in love with you
3) hmmmmm rosie o'donnel maybe j/k you don't remind me of any celebrities really.
Jason x
1) i think you're emorific, but i want to get to know you better, and hopefully one day meet and make out or something
2) hehehe chasey lain probably
4) sexxxy<3

Deleted comment

1) you're fat and stupid
2) beautiful soul by jesse mccartney, anddddd fat bottom girls by queen
3) hehehehe george lopez
4) wonderful.
1) i had a crush on you for awhile
2) yummy down on this by bloodhound gang haha on a more serious note, probably the song i would've dedicated to you while we were talking was let me love you by mario
3) nobody, you're definitly yourself
4) humpable
wow, great answers :)

sad thing is i havent heard any of those songs, probably gonna dl them now to see how they are. Thanks for thinking im one of a kind, i always hated being part of society. And for the answer for number 4, lmao, right back at ya.
they're both awesome songs. you might have to look at the lyrics for the bloodhound one, it's my favorite song ever. i even have a shirt that says yummy down on this. :)
Nicole :)... yay liz party tomorrow night! :)
i know i'm excited nicole. you, mal, and me are gonna find bf's.

1) you introduced me to ryan, who introduced me to his friend matt, who turned into a douche bag, so therefore i hate you. no just kidding, but you need to find me a bf
2) badunkadunk by whoever that is
3) carrot top!
kelsey :)
1) you were my best friend for god knows how long. we were like sisters at some points. you were the first person ever to see me topless, HOLLER. oh, and we made out with that faggot.
2) i think i'm going japanese i really think so!
3) alicia silverstein cause you're gorgeous like her
4) beautiful

Deleted comment

hook me up with frank

Deleted comment

only if you take pics of him sleeping

Deleted comment


12 years ago

1) we don't talk anymore for whatever reasons, we had some good convos though
2) this is a tough one, i really can't say any songs remind me of you
3) dexter
4) open-minded
Well I had my reasons which I won't disclose here (I can say that it bothered/annoyed me a lot though personally) but I don't know if I changed your mind at all about that particular thing possibly. Maybe we can conversate regularly again but who knows...
1) i love you oh so much. i think you're fucking beautiful, inside and out.
2) you're pretty when i'm drunk by bloodhound gang hehehe
3) hmmmm nobody really, but whenever boy meets world is mentioned i think of you
4) amazing
1) I think it's cute how you find gay things online to send to me that say stuff about hugs and kisses, when in reality I know you just wanna hump. You're my boo<3 & I think about you a lot.
2) Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
3) Vin Diesel, 'cause you're almost that hot. ALMOST. and sometimes usher
4) Caringandcompletelyawesome